With the origins dating back to the mid-1980s, Coastal Escapes, Inc. is a relatively new name for a long-time leader in the management of vacation rentals in both Cayucos and Cambria. We feel these picturesque communities are among the most appealing of California’s coastal resort towns and that vacation rentals represent an important and historic component of their visitor serving lodging. As an alternative to hotels, vacation rentals exert minimal impact on the visual character of these special communities. This is a major plus because large-scale commercial developments are not overly popular in areas where many residents and vacationers seek refuge from more urban roots.

The challenge for vacation rental management is to provide a level of marketing and service that make staying in vacation rentals both easy and enjoyable. Another strategic focal point is to conduct our business in such a way that vacation rentals are perceived as good neighbors by surrounding owners and long-term tenants. An ordinance being developed by the County promises to formalize the efforts of the Central Coast Management Association member companies to sustain our role in providing an important element of the visitor serving lodging capacity, while encouraging responsible behavior among the vacationers. Coastal Escapes is also a member of a national organization, the Vacation Rental Management Association.

To better meet our goals, the Cayucos office of Coastal Escapes recently relocated to a brand new building at 445 South Ocean. Besides offering more space and easier parking, the new facility should also facilitate the transition to an Internet based reservation system when high-speed access is locally available. The Cambria office remains in its comfortable facility at 778 Main Street in the heart of the West Village.

Next time you plan a visit to the scenic Central Coast, why not choose a vacation rental for your lodging? With a wide assortment of rentals to select from, you can find one just right for you and learn what it’s like to reside in one of California’s premier resort communities.

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